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16 One-Sentence Pieces of Advice to Be Happier!

It’s said that a picture speaks a thousand words. Similarly, I believe that a single sentence can have the power to convey more wisdom than a thousand words. Here are a few simple observations and realisations condensed into a single sentence that has proved helpful for me to live better. 1. Most urges don’t last longer than 15 minutes; realising this simple truth can prevent you
from doing things you will later regret. 2. To let go of negative feelings , the solution as counter-intuitive as it sounds, is to accept
them fully. 3. One of the best ways to break a bad habit is to replace it with a positive one. 4. The news and social media are junk food for the mind. Both are great at providing instant
gratification, but they provide little to no nourishment. 5. Sexual energy is so incredibly powerful that if you transmute this energy instead of
dissipating it, your whole life could change within a matter of months. 6. One of the simplest tricks to instantly shift your mood is to break into a big smile and hold
it for 15-20 seconds. 7. Almost all our fears and worries are merely assumptions and not based on any proof or
facts. 8. Reading good books are one of the best and cheapest investments you can make (both in
terms of price and time) to radically improve the quality of your life. 9. To stop yourself from lashing out at someone, mentally count to 10 before responding. 10. Nobody judges you as harshly as you judge yourself. 11. Perfectionism can be deadly for creativity: a good idea decently executed is always better
than a perfect idea never executed. 12. There is nobody you can’t empathise with once you’ve heard their story. 13. Saying I don’t have time usually means “it’s not a priority.” 14. Your outside circumstances can’t make you feel a certain way, rather how you perceive (interpret) your outside circumstances determines how you feel. 15. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself; by clinging onto feelings of resentment and anger,
you hurt nobody but yourself. 16. Trying to please everyon e all the time is an impossible task. Even the greatest works of
art, music and cinema will have its share of critics. Hat tip to Zana Rana for #12. I am on a mission to help people live better and be happier.🙂 If you find some value in my work, kindly consider supporting me with a small tip. I'd really appreciate it, and it will help me continue creating more useful content. Listen to The Soul Jam Podcast on Spotify , Apple Podcasts , Google Podcasts and Amazon Music . Episodes are brief, to-the-point, thought provoking and packed with practical tips to help you live better and be happier. Check it out here . Don't Miss 5 Lessons To Learn from the Life of Michael Jackson Why Toxic Relationships Can Be A Blessing! The Powerful Habit Of Billionaires ​
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16 One-Sentence Pieces of Advice to Be Happier!
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