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What Is Law of Attraction and How To Apply It

A beginners guide to the law of attraction (also known as The Secret) Imagine if you can be, do or have anything you desire?
That’s what knowing to use the Law of Attraction effectively can do for you.
In case you aren't familiar with this term, you might be wondering what exactly is the Law of Attraction?
While the knowledge of this law has existed throughout the ages, it was not until the release of the 2004 documentary, The Secret and the book of the same name, the tremendous impact the Law of Attraction has on our lives became more widely known.
How the Law of Attraction impacts our lives The Law of Attraction simply put is a universal law which states that like energy attracts like energy. It can be stated in other terms as, you attract what you focus on, or the energy you give out, you receive.
Though our senses may deceive us, Quantum Physics has proven that we live in a world of energy and vibration. Every single thing in our world is energy vibrating at different frequencies be it our body, a chair, a rock, a cat etc.
That’s not all, even our thoughts, feelings and the beliefs we hold sends out a vibration. Positive thoughts and emotions vibrate at higher frequencies where as negative thoughts and emotions vibrate at lower frequencies.
By the operation of the Law of Attraction, we literally create our own reality and bring into our lives, events and circumstances according to the dominant thoughts, feelings and beliefs we hold.
By changing our thoughts and beliefs we have the power to change our lives according to the way we desire. The fact that our thoughts and beliefs have the power to create our lives have also been mentioned by various spiritual masters and in religious texts throughout history.
"All that we are is a result of what we are thought." - Buddha "Man is made by his beliefs. As he believes so is he." - Krishna "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. " - Jesus How to apply the Law of Attraction to manifest what you desire? The conscious application of the law of attraction involves more than just positive thinking. Here is how to get it to work for you. 1. Ask or set an intention The first step is to ask God or the Universe for what you desire. You can ask either mentally, by writing it down or speaking it out loud. You can choose whichever way you prefer. However, it works best to be clear and specific about what it is that you would like to have. Suppose you would like a raise in your job, rather than simply asking the Universe for a raise, also specify an amount for which you would like a raise. 2. Believe Once you have placed your request, the next step is to feel and believe as if you already have what you have asked for. Why is that necessary? The universe responds to the vibrations or the energy we send out. When we send out the feeling of already having it, we are sending the vibrations of having already received what we have asked for. Research has shown that our brains can’t distinguish the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined in our mind. To get into the state of believing you already have it, imagine how you would feel if you received what you asked for. Make it fun and feel as good as you can as if it’s real and existing right now. Be light-hearted and easy with the process, struggle and effort is the opposite of what’s required. Creative Visualisation (explained below) is a great process which can help you to reach a state of having it now. When manifesting, it is essential to let go of the 'how' and let the universal intelligence take care of how our desire will be fulfilled. Our job is to focus on the feelings of having what we desire rather than placing our attention on our current circumstances and doubting how it can be achieved. The key is to believe and get into the feeling state of having it now before we can see any external evidence of it in our world. Taking Action : Action will sometimes be required depending on what it is you desire to manifest. Suppose you desire to obtain great marks for an exam, simply sitting and visualising alone won’t bring you results, but effort will be required to bring about the desired result as well.
3. Let go of attachment The third step is to let go of attachment to what we are asking for. Now that might sound very contradictory. However, letting go is not giving up, but is similar to placing an order in a restaurant. Once you place an order you don’t start to worry and keep thinking about when it is going to come. It is a vital part of the process since the more we are desperate or attached to having something our mind often tends to think of reasons as to why we can’t have it. And this sends contradictory vibrations which prevent us from having what we desire.
Letting go involves being relaxed and patient and getting on with our lives knowing that what we have asked for will manifest. Practices to manifest better 1. Creative visualisation Close your eyes and recall for a moment a recent happy memory. What were you doing? Who were you with? What were your surroundings like? What did you feel like? Creative visualisation works much the same way. It involves imagining and generating the feelings of already having what you desire. Here’s how you can do it. 1. Get yourself into a relaxed and calm state of mind. An easy way to do this is to slowly count backwards from 50-0. 2. Create a scene in your mind that involves, you already having or experiencing what you desire. Make it as real and vivid as you possibly can by involving your sense of sight, hearing, feeling, smell and taste (if it's required). 3. The most important step of all is to feel the feelings of already having what we desire. How would you feel if you had what you desired right now? That is our main objective with creative visualisation, to feel as good as we possibly can. You can do this for as long as you prefer. According to the Law of Attraction like attracts like, therefore by consistently sending out this good feeling, the universe brings us what we visualise into our lives. While using creative visualisation always make it a point to imagine as if it’s happening right now and to place your focus on the end result or the desired outcome rather than visualising the process involved. Make it an enjoyable and fun experience. After all, having what you desire is supposed to feel good.

2. Meditation When our thoughts are running on autopilot it can gravitate towards thoughts of doubt and worry. This may often lead us to attract undesirable situation and events into our lives. Having a daily practice of meditation makes us more in control of our thoughts and enables us to consciously direct our minds better to focus on what we desire. How I used the Law of Attraction for the first time I heard about the Law of Attraction for the first time over 10 years ago. I was in the 8th grade at the time and one of my desires was to win an individual gold medal in the school athletics meet. I would run every year since the first grade and would get medals on most occasions, but gold somehow always eluded me. After watching the documentary The Secret , I decided to apply the Law of Attraction to put it to the test and see if there was any truth behind it. But two of the races I was to be running that year, the 1,500 metres and 3,000 metres were ones I had never competed in before. And to make matters more difficult, being born in November '95, I was considered overage to run with my batch mates,(born '96) though it was just a matter of just 2 months. Instead, I was to compete with people two years senior to me. I started practising a couple of weeks before the race, and despite having moments of doubt, I would visualise myself winning while I practised. I also took the only gold medal I had received, which was from the previous year’s relay and put it next to my bedside table. As I woke up each morning, I would take it in my hands and use my imagination to feel as if I had already won gold for the races I was competing in. To cut a long story short, I ran three races that year and won the gold medal in each of the three races. Final Thoughts While applying the Law of Attraction take it easy on yourself and be patient with it. Manifestation is a skill. And like any other skill the more you practice in accordance with the steps involved the better you get at it. It helps to start with something small so that you can build your belief and work your way onto the bigger things. With smaller things we have less resistance towards them occurring and don’t have a problem in believing it can happen. Whereas starting with the bigger things straight away may prove difficult if our prior subconscious beliefs are in contradiction with what we are asking for. Perhaps you can start by attracting a phone call from a friend you haven’t heard in a while. The more you develop your faith the easier it becomes to manifest the bigger things. If you find some value in this post, kindly consider supporting my work with a small tip — I'd really appreciate it. For simple and practical wisdom on how to live better and be happier, enter your email below to join the mailing list. Don't Miss The Powerful Lesson We Can All Learn From Donald Trump 18 Little Things That Can Make You Smile 3 Hidden Gifts of Painful Experiences Check out the Best Articles from the site here .

What Is Law of Attraction and How To Apply It
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