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100 Things To Be Grateful For

Feeling thankful for what we already have in our lives is a simple way to instantly lift our mood.

Numerous studies indicate that practicing gratitude daily can have plenty of benefits like improved relationships, better physical and mental health, reduced stress, improved productivity etc.

Living in the social media age where everyone else seems to be having the time of their lives, it can be easy to lose perspective of how fortunate we are and take what we already have for granted.

Now I won’t lie, being grateful won’t always be easy, especially when life feels hard. Being thankful may seem like the last thing you want to do when you are going through a hard time.

But that doesn’t change the fact that there is always plenty to be grateful for. Here is a list of 100 things in our lives that’s deserving of our gratitude. (All of these may not apply to you, but I am sure most will)

Some of these things may seem basic, but it helps to keep in mind there are millions of people on the planet who don’t have these things.

  1. The gift of good health

  2. People who inspire you

  3. Having food and clean water

  4. Your parents

  5. Laughter

  6. Your siblings

  7. Being alive

  8. Gifts you have received over the years

  9. Fond memories

  10. Pleasant weather

  11. Having good friends

  12. The dreams you’ve already fulfilled

  13. Video calling (being able to see people half way across the world)

  14. A teacher / Teachers who have made an impact on your life

  15. The joy of playing sports

  16. YouTube

  17. Stimulating conversations

  18. Free time

  19. Your material possessions

  20. The farmers who grow the food we eat

  21. Acts of kindness by strangers

  22. Losing yourself in a good book

  23. Having money

  24. Doctors and healthcare workers

  25. People who encourage and support you

  26. A blanket and a bed to sleep on

  27. Wi-Fi and Internet

  28. Your maid/househelp

  29. Mother Earth for sustaining life

  30. Hugs

  31. The convenience of home delivery

  32. Your pets/ animals

  33. Morning tea/coffee

  34. Libraries

  35. Music and the emotional impact it can have on you

  36. Cool breeze

  37. Old photos

  38. A balcony or a terrace with a nice view

  39. Running water

  40. Electricity

  41. Trees

  42. Having a long hot/cold shower

  43. Online shopping

  44. Your senses (smell, touch, taste, sight and hearing)

  45. The feeling of connecting with people deeply

  46. The inventors and visionaries throughout history who have made the world a better place

  47. Having a car/vehicle

  48. Your mind and body for working tirelessly 24/7

  49. Your phone

  50. The joy of travelling and exploring new places

  51. Your children/nieces/nephews

  52. Holidays and vacations

  53. Your home

  54. Dining outside

  55. Grandparents

  56. A good night’s sleep

  57. Hills/Mountains

  58. Chocolates

  59. Good movies/ Tv shows / documentaries/podcasts

  60. Synchronicities

  61. Google Maps

  62. Your unique skills and talents

  63. Gardens/ Parks

  64. Air travel

  65. Being able to experience feelings like love and joy

  66. Creativity – The ability to bring forth something that didn’t exist before

  67. Instant messaging

  68. Your achievements

  69. Having a nice roommate

  70. Google search

  71. Starry skies

  72. Being literate

  73. Your clothes

  74. Taking a walk outside

  75. Sunday mornings

  76. Justin Sandercoe for free and amazing guitar lessons

  77. PDF Drive (for millions of free E-books)

  78. Washing machine

  79. Your laptop/computer

  80. Fresh air

  81. Beautiful art

  82. Your footwear

  83. Living in a free country (Here’s an idea of what it’s like to not live in one)

  84. Pleasant surprises

  85. Lessons you’ve learned from your past

  86. Knowing like-minded people

  87. Beaches

  88. Sunsets

  89. Compliments from people

  90. Air-conditioning

  91. Uber

  92. Sunshine

  93. Useful apps and websites

  94. Your memory

  95. Having something to look forward to


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