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Pyramid Valley: A Hidden Gem in India

Pyramid Valley (Source)

Around three years ago, shortly before leaving for my three-month solo trip, I was looking to stay in an ashram/spiritual center to practice meditation.

However, I didn’t want to be bound by any rigid timetables or routines like most ashrams have and craved some flexibility.

I asked The Universe to help me find a place like the one I had in mind, though I had my doubts if there existed such an ashram in India.

A couple of months later, while I was in Udaipur, I met someone who mentioned a place called Pyramid Valley situated in the outskirts of Bangalore.

Hearing his description of the place piqued my interest, and I wondered if this place was the answer to my prayers.

Around five months later, I visited Pyramid Valley and found it was everything I wanted and more.

Set over 28 acres and surrounded by beautiful greenery, lakes and small hills, it hosts the world’s largest pyramid structure (100 feet/30 metres) built solely for meditation.

Pyramid Valley is one of my favourite places in the world. It actually looks more like a resort than a typical spiritual center or an ashram.

It is a lovely place to hang out or even come and stay for a few days. There is a strong positive energy about the place, unlike any other place I’ve been to before.

They teach meditation for free to interested visitors, and also serve FREE lunch and dinner to all visitors daily. Accommodation is very economical and starts from Rs.150 for dormitories to around Rs.3,500 for deluxe rooms.

Among numerous other facilities in the center, they also have an excellent library with lots of fascinating and rare-to-find spiritual books.

I ended up staying there for three weeks, and it was the happiest three weeks of my life; I felt more aligned and connected with myself than I had ever felt before.

During my stay there, I also had the pleasure to meet some very interesting and inspiring people.

Wondering what I wanted to do with my life was a question I was struggling with for more than five years at that point, and it was while I was in Pyramid Valley that I received signs from The Universe to start blogging.

Interestingly, though Pyramid Valley has been there since 2004, most people from Bangalore have never even heard of this place.

I found this puzzling. When I spoke to someone who worked there, he told me that, unlike most other spiritual centres, PSSM (Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement), the organisation that runs Pyramid Valley, keeps a low profile, doesn’t advertise, and most of their visitors come through word of mouth.

Pyramid Valley is definitely a place I’d recommend to anyone, especially if you are into spirituality and meditation.

Here is a short video about Pyramid Valley.

To know more about the Pyramid Valley and their facilities I’d recommend visiting their website.


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