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The Magical Benefits of Transmuting Your Sexual Energy

Note: *This article is written with the male reader in mind. The process of sexual transmutation works little differently for women.*

The article I’ve written on Sexual transmutation (NoFap) is by far the most popular article on my blog, and at one point, it was even the first result that would appear on Google on this topic.

In that post, I described how practising sexual transmutation even for as little as 1-2 months can have some profound benefits, and how several famous figures ranging from Mahatma Gandhi, and Steve Jobs to Muhammed Ali transmuted their sexual energy.

Sexual transmutation refers to harnessing sexual energy to direct it towards your goals, creative pursuits, your personal and spiritual growth instead of releasing this energy through sexual activity.

However, for most men I’ve interacted with, abstaining from sexual activity (masturbation, sex or watching porn) for more than a week is a real struggle, and going for a month without releasing sexual energy seems almost unimaginable.

So, in this post, I’d like to get into more detail about HOW to effectively transmute your sexual energy to experience the incredible benefits of this practice without getting frustrated or feeling overpowered by your sexual urges.

Realise the truth about urges

When you have strong sexual urges, you may have noticed sometimes that your capacity to think rationally disappears. Therefore, trying to deal with your urges by trying to talk yourself out of them or using your willpower will seldom work in the long run while practising sexual transmutation.

However, the little-known fact about urges is that most urges typically last for 15 minutes or less. They always arise and pass away.

All urges tend to come in waves. That is, they rise, peak and eventually fall and subside.

When the urge is at its peak, it can seem like the only way out is to give in and satisfy it. But that’s where the understanding that all urges are temporary and will pass away can prove to be helpful.

Practising the technique of Urge-surfing

Urge surfing involves accepting and acknowledging the urge rather than resisting and wishing it will go away.

A surfer doesn’t try to fight the wave, instead he rides them out. In the same manner, urge surfing is about riding out the urge through the different phases of the waves (rise, peak, fall) until it has passed.

If you practice urge surfing, you will realise that the intensity of most urges will significantly diminish after a few minutes, and then it becomes much easier to deal with it. (You can read more about urge surfing in more detail in my article: 5 Simple Techniques To Deal With Urges And Drop Bad Habits )

Have a strategy to divert your attention from urges

When you feel strong urges, instead of seeking to indulge it, mentally associate your sexual urges as a trigger to indulge in a beneficial habit like doing push-ups, pranayama (deep breathing exercises), repeating affirmations, visualising the fulfilment of your goals or practising meditation.

Practises to transmute your sexual energy

When you practise sexual transmutation, it is helpful to complement it with other energetic practises to ensure that the sexual energy gets circulated throughout the body, and does not remain concentrated on the sex chakra/ genitals.

Failing to undertake any transmutative practises can make it difficult to deal with strong sexual urges and may make you feel frustrated.

Given below are some ways to transmute and circulate the sexual energy throughout your body.


Engaging in some form of rigorous physical activity whether that’s working out at home, jogging, going to the gym, cycling, swimming, playing sports are all great ways to transmute your sexual energy.

Moreover, rigorous exercise in itself can be a pleasurable activity and doing this can make your body less likely to seek pleasure solely through sexual release.


Practising pranayama (deep breathing exercises) every morning can make it significantly easier to deal with urges. When I do this, I find that the urges appear much less frequently and when they do arise, they are less strong in intensity.

The pranayama techniques that I practise are known as Ujjayi pranayama and Bhastrika. The Wim-Hoff Method is another breathing technique that I practise along with them in my daily morning routine.


Practising meditation daily can help you overcome your urges by developing the skill to distance yourself from the thoughts that arise in your mind that compel you to satisfy your urges.

Moreover, studies have shown that meditating for even as little as five minutes per day over just ten weeks thickens the size of the prefrontal cortex in our brain which can help us to develop better self-control and will power.

Be selective about the content you consume

Practising sexual transmutation is perhaps more challenging than ever because of the hypersexual world we live in today.

Therefore, at least for the first couple of weeks while you are on this path, refrain from consuming content (books, movies, TV shows) that contain any sexually explicit material so that you don’t feel the urge to release.

Do you need to be celibate to practise sexual transmutation?

To practise sexual transmutation, it is not necessary to stay celibate and avoid sex completely.

However, to experience the benefits of sexual transmutation it is crucial to practise semen retention or in other words abstain from ejaculating while having sex.

As I have mentioned in an earlier article on this topic, orgasm and ejaculation are two separate processes, though they occur almost simultaneously.

“You can conserve your sexual energy during sex by teaching yourself to orgasm without ejaculating, and directing the sexual energy upward to the higher chakra centres in the body instead of letting your semen flow out.

This is an ancient technique known as injaculation, practised by Taoists and Tantric sex practitioners.(For more information on this technique, you can check out the book Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy by Mantak Chia)

Semen is an incredibly potent source of energy and it has the miraculous power to literally create a new life. However, ejaculation drains men of this powerful source of energy.

Retaining semen within the body is what primarily gives rise to the tremendous benefits that one experiences while practising sexual transmutation.

Final Thoughts

Having a clear why or a higher purpose for threading the less travelled path of sexual transmutation can make it easier to stay on course when you feel intensely strong urges and feel like giving in.

For me, the reason I chose to transmute my sexual energy is simple: life as a whole feels so much better when I practise this.

When I am on this path, I notice a big increase in my mental clarity, focus, I feel better emotionally, more confident, less concerned about what others think, and I experience a feeling of being full from within (particularly in the area of my heart and solar plexus). Strangely even the external circumstances in my life unfold more favourably and life feels more effortless.

Practising this long term has significantly reduced my tendency to overthink, increased my self-love and self-esteem.

Readers may wonder how could all this be benefits be possibly connected to practising sexual transmutation, but the benefits I have mentioned are actually common amongst people who practise this. (You can read the benefits and experiences of people here)

But don’t believe my words, instead, practise it for yourself and find out.

Perhaps you may want to take up this practice because you want to be a better version of yourself, focus your most potent energy on your goals, or because you do not want to be a slave to your sexual urges.

Whatever your reason for practising this, you will be amazed at the incredible impact doing this can have on your life.


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