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Do You Share my Unusual Passion?

With my buddies, Mr. Sam and Richy

I am passionate about many thing things in life.

The first post I published on this blog was about my quest to discover what I was passionate about and how I eventually discovered answers.

Recently I’ve come to discover that one of the things I’m most passionate about is people.

Some who know me may find that surprising since they might not find me overly social. But I must say even I’m a little surprised by this discovery, or at least my younger self surely would be.

I love learning about people’s stories, hopes, dreams, motivations, deepest desires and darkest secrets (well as long as it’s not too morbid).

I think perhaps that’s one of the main reasons why I’m drawn to reading memoirs and autobiographies. I admire people who can bare their souls and expose their innermost feelings to the world because it’s something that requires a lot of courage.

When people let their guard down and be open about their flaws, I can’t help but feel a stronger connection to them and care for them more deeply.

Reading such writings or listening to people expressing themselves vulnerably almost has a therapeutic effect on me. It makes me feel less alone and reassures me that it’s okay to have whatever strange and crazy thoughts that sometimes appear in my mind.

I am not a big fan of small talk and never excelled at it. I crave deep conversations and find them deeply satisfying.

That is one of the reasons why I love solo travelling because it gives you plenty of opportunities to have deep and meaningful interactions with people from diverse cultures, age groups, social statuses and different walks of life.

Before I solo travelled for the first time, I had read blogs about it, and many people had said that the best part was the plenty of new and interesting people you’ll meet.

I read this and thought to myself what’s so great about meeting new people anyway? Didn’t they know any fun and interesting people in their lives?

But once I solo travelled, I understood exactly what they were talking about. And now, as my friends and long-time readers of the blog would know, I can’t seem to shut up about how you'll surely meet plenty of wonderful people if you travel solo and what a joy that is.

I can’t imagine asking someone I’ve just met in a social gathering about their hopes and dreams or expect them to share themselves vulnerably. But when people are travelling, they tend to be a lot more friendly and willing to let their guard down and open up to complete strangers.

Even the briefest interactions with people can make my day, and I feel that deeply connecting with someone is one of the most amazing experiences about being human.

Yet it took me so long to realise I have a passion for people because I’ve never heard anybody else say that. I’ve heard plenty of people say they are passionate about 'helping people', but that’s obviously not the same thing. So it never occurred to me that this was something you could be passionate about.

I know there are people who will be able to resonate with what I’ve expressed here.

But others, like me, may have never considered this as a passion because they’ve never seen their thoughts and feelings regarding people articulated in this way by someone else, so that’s exactly why I write this piece.

Perhaps you may share my unusual passion and may have never realised it.

Amongst solo travellers from different parts of the world.


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