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50 Things That Makes Me Feel Alive!

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive. Because what the world needs most is more people who have come alive.” Howard Thurman

That's me in the middle with my two older brothers beside me

Societal conditioning makes many of us chase money, success, status, and material possessions. But I’d argue what we truly desire is NONE of these things.

Sure, we need money and possessions to live in this world, yet these things can go only so far to fill our soul’s yearning to feel truly alive.

Here is a list of 50 random things that makes me feel alive!

1. Travelling and exploring new places

2. Stimulating conversations

3. Journaling/writing

4. Spending time in silence and solitude

5. The feel of the cool wind on my face

6. Reading a good book or a magazine

8. Laughing out loud with people

9. Listening to music I love

10. Singing

11. Riding a scooter

12. Hanging out with friends

13. Cold showers

14. Being exposed to new and interesting ideas

15. Playing sports (football, cricket and Table tennis)

16. Having a good meal

17. Connecting with new people

18. Seeing beautiful architecture (especially old European style buildings)

19. Praying

20. Spending time in nature

21. Doing Pranayama / deep breathing

22. Dancing to 70s disco music (though I am a terrible dancer)

23. Going through old photos

Here's something for you to laugh at my expense. That's me in the middle with my hippie kurta. ( This pic was taken back when I was in college)

24. Gazing at a starry sky

25. Live concerts

26. Being on the beach

28. Smiles from strangers

29. Jamming and recording music with friends

30. Playing with dogs

31. Songwriting (though I have only ever written a couple of songs)

32. Recalling fond memories

33. Making people laugh

34. Walking outside

35. Playing guitar

36. Watching movies with outstanding acting

37. Running

38. Getting wet in the rain

39. Visiting historical places / museums

40. Long phone calls with friends

41. Looking at a beautiful piece of art

42. Reading emails from readers of my blog whom I’ve never met

43. Playing FIFA on the PlayStation with my elder brother

44. Day dreaming on purpose

45. Watching the videos on this playlist

46. Being in a library or a bookstore

47. Getting up early morning when it’s quiet and everyone else is asleep

48. Learning about new things (through TED Talks, documentaries, podcasts)

49. The smell of scented candles

50. Getting lost in a good story

What are some of the things that make you feel alive? Do you make time to do a few of these things daily? I’d encourage you to take some time to write down your own list.


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Jan 08

I really appreciate you sharing this. I'm writing down some things.

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