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When You are in Pain, Doing This Can Help

In life, almost everybody goes through periods of severe emotional pain.

In the age of social media, everybody shares their moments of greatest joy with the world, but moments of pain are usually kept private and never spoken about to anyone.

This can make experiencing pain an incredibly isolating experience and make us feel as if we are alone in experiencing these feelings.

Something many of us learn from our society is to give others the impression we are doing okay even if we are under tremendous emotional pain. We go to the extent of deliberately hiding our emotions even from those closest to us.

However, by holding it in and failing to reach out to people when we are feeling miserable or severely depressed it can make it more difficult to break out of the negativity.

By reaching out to others (whether our loved ones or a therapist), they can help us view our situation from a better perspective, offer advice and emotional support, all of which can make a huge difference in shifting our mental state.

Sometimes just speaking out about it and getting it off our chest can be hugely relieving.

A few months ago, I had received a mail from a reader of my column in Dhanam (a business magazine run by my father) who said he was struggling with depression and having suicidal thoughts.

He consulted a doctor who prescribed him some medicines, but he said the medication wasn’t of much help, and asked if I knew any good psychologists that could help him.

After enquiring with a friend who stayed in the same region as the reader did, I gave him the contact of a well-reputed wellness clinic that dealt with mental health issues.

When I later reached out to him, he had told me that he had gone for sessions in the clinic I had suggested and was feeling much better. By seeking external help, he was able to realise that his own thinking has been causing all the problems and making him feel the way he did.

I am someone who usually finds it difficult to openly express my feelings to others when I am going through a rough time. And unlike with some people, my emotions are not easily decipherable by looking at my face, so people wouldn’t usually understand my mental state unless I tell them.

But almost whenever I have shared with others something that’s been bothering me despite my hesitancy and fears to open up, I have felt a lot better and gotten a much better perspective of my situation.

If you’ve been going through a rough time, I’d encourage you to open up to people you trust and are closest to you and be open to seeking external help (like a therapist) if you have been struggling with something for a long time.


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